Europe’s strangest museums

Since the origin of museums, we have seen collections of all kinds, paintings, sculptures, cars, structures, ancient objects, etc. Today, we present a series of museums that attract a lot of attention, not because they contain works of art themselves. Rather, because they show a series of the strangest objects. Museums whose existence is hard to believe and which are also visited by many tourists.

The Museum of Bad Art

Undoubtedly the proof that art is totally subjective. It is located in Boston in its exhibition rooms. Visitors will find a wide variety of works, all of which are considered samples of bad art. The collection includes portraits of people and animals, landscapes and a section called "Bule People", inspired by Picasso's blue period. If you think you have little talent for the pictorial arts, you can take a look at this collection to see that you might not be so bad. And if you still think you are the best of the bad artists, the museum will be happy to receive a donation from you. Love is limited, and in the next museum it becomes art. The Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb, Croatia, displays objects that come from the heart of broken relationships. "It's ugly, it's bad, it's art. Art is beautiful. Well, almost all the time. Because at Boston's Museum of Bad Art, you can see the worst of the worst in art, over 500 works so bad they can't be displayed anywhere else. The museum has been in existence for over 20 years and has even become a must-see near Boston.

Museum of Broken Relationships in Croatia

It started as a travelling exhibition, but the truth is that when people discovered the idea, they were encouraged to send a lot of their memories, those that were too painful, and the collection grew considerably. So it was decided to create a museum whose physical headquarters is much visited and has even been awarded as the most innovative museum in Europe. Like, anything can be a collector's item. So can hair. Thus, there is one of the rarest museums in the world, the Hair Museum, located in Turkey, more precisely in the city of Avanos, in Cappadocia. The contents of the museum include sentimental objects and testimonies of disappointed lovers. The collections come mainly from donations made by one of the spouses. There is therefore no major historical or cultural interest. However, the museum is thought-provoking and forces you to look at human relationships and the many stories surrounding the objects show how events and the cultural, political and social context play an important role in the love life and survival of couples.

Hair Museum in Turkey

The museum has more than 16,000 locks of hair from women all over the world, which has earned it a Guinness World Record. The most curious thing, if there is anything that can stand out after knowing that it is hair that is collected here, is that these women are completely identified, with names and surnames. How did the owner of this collection get all these clumps? Chez Galip, who owns a ceramics workshop, started this collection 30 years ago, when a friend left town and left him a lock of hair as a memento of her. Hanging in her workshop, it attracted the attention of tourists who, after hearing the story, left their locks with their details. A collection that is still growing today. If you thought you'd seen it all with the hair museum, don't sing victory, can you imagine a museum that becomes a complete ode to the cockroach? Well, it exists. It's located in Phoenix, Arizona, although the collection was created in Plano, Texas, by pest exterminator Michael Bodhan. This man, in the 1980s, began to disguise the cockroaches he exterminated as celebrities. In his desire to get a good cast of actors and celebrities, the man set out to find the biggest cockroaches in the country, creating the Cockroach Museum. Cockroaches disguised as the Statue of Liberty, Elvis, Marilyn or even Santa's cockroach. It also has an exhibition area for these live animals, and you can see species from all over the world.
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