How to set up a thematic art exhibition?

When we think of a large cultural event, the first thing that comes to mind is an exhibition. This type of event requires a special space and should present a series of objects related to a particular field in an engaging and captivating way. Thematic exhibitions are organised for almost everything. It starts with art, then moves on to hobbies such as photography, music, comics, film and much more. Examples include exhibitions dedicated to impressionist painting and organised by museums and cultural associations, or comic book-themed events such as Romics and Lucca Comics. Organising a themed exhibition like the ones mentioned above is not as simple as it sounds. You have to take many things into account and make the event better known. Moreover, in the case of privately organised exhibitions, the organiser's imagination and resourcefulness must never be lacking. The guests should be ecstatic, surprised and enthusiastic. Below are some practical tips on setting up a themed exhibition. In the wake of exhibitions presented by museums, associations and organisations, it will be possible to draw inspiration for an amazing and successful event.

Choose a suitable place and time

When we decide to set up a thematic exhibition, the first thing that matters is the location. The choice of location depends very much on the type of exhibition we intend to create. If it's a painting exhibition, a museum wing is the ideal setting. If, on the other hand, it is an exhibition of furniture, furnishings and design objects, a fair would be the best solution. Once we have found a suitable location for our exhibition, we carry out an on-site inspection in person. We will better assess how to use the space in question. In addition to the location, the time of year should also be chosen. The best time is certainly autumn, when everyone returns from the summer holidays. September to December is the perfect time for an exhibition, as it is a season full of new things. In this case, the attendance could be very high. If, on the other hand, the exhibition takes place in a holiday resort, it is better to choose the summer period.

Advertise the event

A themed exhibition must be organised down to the last detail. In this case, publicity is really important. If we did not promote the event, we would have far fewer visitors. Therefore, it is right to create two types of advertising. One will be purely paper, the other will be in the virtual world. Cliassic advertisements are promotional leaflets, posters, banners or billboards. Obviously, everything depends on our budget, so let's first assess what our resources are at the economic level. Good medium-cost advertising can be achieved with classic promotional flyers. As for the virtual aspect, social networks help us perfectly in advertising. We create an event on Facebook or a story on Instagram, perhaps using a catchy title or a short but effective message. In this way, we will arouse the curiosity of potential visitors.

Highlighting the works on display

Here you have reached the most important step in setting up a themed exhibition. With the right location, time of year and adequate publicity, we can move on to displaying objects related to the theme of the exhibition. First of all, we need to have clear ideas about how to organise our objects. The layout should follow a specific order, possibly dictated by logic. At this stage, it is essential to highlight the works on display. So let's try to highlight the light points and the walls of the place. In this way, we will help visitors to follow the exhibition path. If our exhibition includes purchases, we highlight the unique pieces. We apply discounts on the basic price, in order to attract even more visitors.
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